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CRHS Library

Cedar Ridge

High School Library!


Cedar Ridge High School/Middle School Library

Needs Help Stocking Its Makerspace Room

The Makerspace Room located in the library is a fun place for students to spend time creating, inventing, and learning by doing hands on projects.

Our room is in need of supplies and we need your help to get us up and running. Below is just a small sample of items we can use. Almost anything you have lying around can be used. We don’t even need a new package of anything. Just clean out your junk drawers, craft supplies, or look around your garage and send us your trash.

(If purchased new, many of these items can be found at the Dollar Tree.)

pipe cleaners             straws                                    cupcake liners          masking tape           

rubber bands             toothpicks                             popsicle sticks           coffee filters

index cards                craft sticks                             spaghetti                    noodles

paper plates               string                                     yarn                            aluminum foil

sponges                      wood blocks                          water bottles             legos  

paperclips                  mod podge                            duct tape                    foam board

play dough                hole punch                            sugar cubes               lunch bags

craft paint                  toilet paper rolls                  foam balls                 fabric

balloons                     rulers                                     markers                     tissue paper

glue                            cotton balls                           scrap paper                plastic container

scissors                      paper/plastic cups                string                         beads

yard                            baggies                                   buttons                      q-tips

paper towels              tissue boxes                          magazines                 sponges

clear tape                   small marshmallows          corks                          nuts/bolts

Tupperware               carpet samples                      clay                             gum drops

jelly beans                 glow sticks                            glue sticks                 chalk

playing cards             bubbles                                  toilet paper                egg cartons

silk flowers               foil baking tins                     candy hearts             pinecones

greeting cards           packing peanuts                   old dvds/cds             dowel rods

magnets                     coffee cans                             paper mache             bobbie pins


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